DPC For Employees

The Value of Direct Primary Care

In this high-deductible health insurance era, people are beginning to realize that "insurance coverage" and "access to care" are two very different things.  Most doctors are unavailable to see you at the time you need care; and most people have to pay $100-$200 just to visit the doctor until their deductible is met, causing them to put off care.  Direct Primary Care is the "care" that goes with the "coverage".

Individuals and families have discovered over the past few years that it is worthwhile to purchase a DPC membership to pair with their employer-sponsored health insurance so they can see their doctor or communicate with their doctor whenever they like.  And they save more than what they pay for the membership by spending less of their deductible.  Now, that same accessible, affordable care is available for free when their employer pays the membership fee as part of their health benefits.  Everyone wins!  The employer lowers the cost of their benefits; the employees have 24/7 access to care with zero to little out-of-pocket cost; and their physicians are enjoying the care they provide because they are free from the hassles of the insurance-based primary care system.

If your employer does not currently provide DPC as part of your health benefits, introduce us to your HR manager or CFO and we will take care of the rest.  If you are one of the lucky employees who have this option, see the links on the right to download member services forms or complete the enrollment process to begin to experience the direct primary care experience -- healthcare the way it used to be!

Getting Started!

If your employer is one of those forward-thinking employers that is already offering Direct Primary Care for its employees, you  can sign up at any time during the year--not just during open enrollment.  We will send you a link specific to your employer to begin the process and select your personal DPC physician.